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Redwood Credit Union: Routing Number, Petaluma, Customer Service, Locations, Near Me

Updated: Oct 28, 2023



From Humble Beginnings to Financial Prowess

2.1 1950-1982: Inception and Growth

2.1.1 Birth of SCECU

2.1.2 First Branch

2.1.3 Becoming Redwood Credit Union

2.2 1989-2017: Expansion and Community Focus

2.2.1 Field of Membership Expansion

2.2.2 $1 Billion Milestone

2.2.3 Community Resilience

2.3 2018-2020: Innovations and Milestones

2.3.1 Strategic Expansion

2.3.2 70 Years of Excellence

Mission, Vision, and Service Standards

3.1 Mission and Vision

3.2 Values and Service Standards

Leadership and Governance

4.1 Dedicated Leadership

4.2 Senior Leadership Team

4.3 Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee

Awards and Recognition

5.1 Proud Achievements

Advocacy for a Stronger Community

6.1 Supporting the Credit Union Movement

Products and Services

7.1 A Diverse Range

7.2 Featured Products and Services

7.3 Financial Stability

Convenient Access and Commitment to Community

8.1 Accessibility

8.2 Community Impact

Your Financial Home

9.1 Why Bank with RCU?

The Best Way to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills



RCU Routing#: 321177586

Customer Service Number:

M-F from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sat from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In the heart of Santa Rosa, California, Redwood Credit Union (RCU) stands tall as a testament to financial resilience and community commitment. Established in 1950 as Sonoma County Employees Credit Union, it has evolved into a financial powerhouse with a rich history of milestones, mergers, and community service.

*All data as of October, 2023

From Humble Beginnings to Financial Prowess

1950-1982: Inception and Growth

Birth of SCECU

In the modest surroundings of Sonoma County Auditor’s Office, seven employees founded the Sonoma County Employees Credit Union (SCECU) on Jan 19, 1950.

First Branch

The credit union took a leap in 1967, opening its first branch at 370 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, CA, expanding its footprint.

Becoming Redwood Credit Union

Responding to growing demand, SCECU transformed into Redwood Credit Union in 1982. This era also witnessed mergers and the installation of the first Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

1989-2017: Expansion and Community Focus

Field of Membership Expansion

In 1989, RCU broadened its field of membership to include anyone living or working in Santa Rosa, CA. The horizon expanded further in 1997 to cover the counties of Sonoma, Marin, Mendocino, Lake, and Napa.

$1 Billion Milestone

The new millennium brought celebration as RCU reached $1 billion in assets in 2004, with membership hitting 100,000 in 2001.

Community Resilience

In 2017, RCU's North Bay Fire Relief Fund demonstrated unwavering commitment, collecting and distributing over $32M to support fire survivors during a challenging time.

2018-2020: Innovations and Milestones

Strategic Expansion

RCU's strategic moves in 2018 included purchasing property in Napa for back-office operations and opening new branches in American Canyon and San Francisco.

70 Years of Excellence

2020 marked RCU's 70th year, celebrated with milestones like the addition of a new Lower Lake branch and the groundbreaking of the Napa campus.

Mission, Vision, and Service Standards

Mission and Vision

RCU is driven by a clear vision: to be the financial services leader, helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Its mission is to passionately serve the best interests of members, team members, and communities.

Values and Service Standards

With a heart full of empathy, RCU emphasizes values such as integrity, passion, inclusion, and excellence. The commitment to exceptional service is ingrained in their service standards, promising to build relationships, demonstrate trust, and do the right thing.

Leadership and Governance

Dedicated Leadership

Under the leadership of President & CEO Brett Martinez since 2004, RCU has thrived with a dedicated team. The Board of Directors, led by Chair Rob Eyler, sets strategic direction and policies, ensuring the credit union serves its members effectively.

Senior Leadership Team

RCU's senior leadership, including Executive Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents, spearheads the organization's day-to-day operations, ensuring a seamless financial experience for members.

Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee

Volunteer-led, the Audit & Enterprise Risk Committee oversees audit functions, ensuring financial integrity and compliance.

Awards and Recognition

Proud Achievements

RCU boasts a series of awards and recognitions, including being honored as the Best-in-State Credit Union in California by Forbes and the Healthiest Credit Union in California by Glatt Consulting.

Advocacy for a Stronger Community

Supporting the Credit Union Movement

RCU advocates for the credit union movement, regularly engaging with lawmakers to represent the best interests of members and the industry. Connect for the Cause empowers members to voice opinions on crucial issues.

Products and Services

A Diverse Range

From checking and savings to retirement accounts and youth-focused offerings, RCU caters to various financial needs.

Featured Products and Services

Noteworthy products include secure wills and estate planning, affordable auto loans, and competitive mortgage rates.

Financial Stability

RCU's stability is evident through its A+ rating from Weiss Ratings and a 5-star rating from Bauer Financial.

Convenient Access and Commitment to Community


RCU offers free ATM access, online banking, mobile banking, and person-to-person transactions through RCUpay. With 20 branches in the following locations, including the recent additions in Mill Valley and Lower Lake, accessing RCU is easy:

Standard hours:

Weekday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cleveland Ave. hours:

Weekday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

Point Arena hours:

Weekday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

San Francisco hours:

Weekday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

Cloverdale Branch

1129 S. Cloverdale Blvd. Suite A, Cloverdale, CA 95425

Cleveland Ave. Branch

3033 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95403

North Dutton Branch

1205 N. Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Mendocino Ave. Branch

2460 Mendocino Ave., Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

4th St. Branch

2763 4th St., Santa Rosa, CA 95404

N. McDowell Blvd. Branch

301 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94954

Petaluma Blvd. N Branch

1060 Petaluma Blvd. N, Petaluma, CA 94952

Rohnert Park Branch

250 Rohnert Park Expy., Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Sebastopol Branch

7840 Covert Ln., Sebastopol, CA 95472

Sonoma Branch

500 West Napa St., Ste 500, Sonoma CA 95476

Windsor Branch

8945 Brooks Rd. South, Suite 111, Windsor, CA 95492

Mill Valley Branch

695 E. Blithedale Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941

Novato Branch

1010 Grant Ave., Novato, CA 94945

San Rafael Branch

209 Third St., San Rafael, CA 94901

San Francisco Branch

1390 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94102

American Canyon Branch

406 Napa Junction Rd., Suite 126, American Canyon, CA 94503

1st Street Branch

1705 1st St., Napa, CA 94559

Devlin Road Branch

480 Devlin Road, Napa, CA 94558

Point Arena Branch

280 Main St., Point Arena, CA 95468

Ukiah Branch

195 South Orchard Ave., Ukiah, CA 95482

Lower Lake Branch

16095 Main St., Lower Lake, CA 95457

Return forms by mail to:

Redwood Credit Union

PO Box 6104

Santa Rosa, CA 95406

Return forms by expedited courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) to:

Redwood Credit Union

3033 Cleveland Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Community Impact

RCU's commitment to the community is quantifiable, with millions donated, thousands of community hours committed, and hundreds of thousands of lives positively impacted.

Your Financial Home

Why Bank with RCU?

RCU's member-centric approach, democratic governance, and focus on community well-being distinguish it from traditional banks. With a range of services and competitive rates, RCU stands out as a financial partner.

Press Inquiries:

For press inquiries, please contact our Public Relations team at (707) 576-5224 or 1 (800) 479-7928, ext. 65224

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In conclusion, Redwood Credit Union is more than a financial institution; it's a community-driven force committed to members' financial well-being. With a history of resilience, a visionary leadership team, and a dedication to community service, RCU stands as a reliable financial partner for individuals and businesses alike. Join RCU, where financial dreams find a home.

However, whatever you do, remember that the best way to save money on your monthly bills, is going to our partner site, submit your bills and save big for FREE while at the same time helping a good cause.


1. Why bank with a credit union?

Credit Unions: People-driven

Banks: Profit-driven

Credit Unions: Member-owned

Banks: Publicly owned and traded

2. What do I need to open a savings account?

Social Security number and date of birth

Phone number and email address

Physical U.S. address

Debit card or account information for funding

3. How to add a joint owner to your account?

Complete and sign Membership Application

Provide clear identification of the new joint owner

Submit documents in person, by mail, or expedited courier

4. Are my account balances insured?

Yes, RCU's deposit accounts are federally insured by the NCUA, with varying coverage depending on the account type.

5. Are there limits to Overdraft Pay Advantage fees?

Yes, RCU caps Overdraft Pay Advantage fees at 4 per day and does not charge daily fees or interest for negative balances.

6. What is the best way to save money on monthly bills?

The best way to save big money on monthly bills is heading to our partner site, submit your bills and save big for FREE while at the same time helping a good cause.

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