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Gas Price: Sheetz, Sam's Club, AAA, Walmart, Costco Fuel Cost




2.1 The Sheetz Experience

2.2 Pricing Strategy

2.3 Loyalty Programs

Sam's Club

3.1 The Warehouse Fuel Advantage

3.2 Membership Matters

3.3 Quality Check


4.1 The Dual Role

4.2 Member Perks

4.3 Partnered Stations


5.1 The Walmart Fuel Promise

5.2 Price Match Strategy

5.3 Location Matters


6.1 The Costco Fuel Equation

6.2 Membership Pays Off

6.3 Quality vs. Quantity

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In the ever-shifting landscape of gas prices, consumers are left navigating a maze of options. From the convenience of Sheetz to the bulk-buying allure of Costco, each fuel provider brings its own set of considerations. Let's delve into the gas price dynamics at Sheetz, Sam's Club, AAA, Walmart, and Costco, unraveling the intricacies that impact your pocket and your tank.

*All prices as of October 7, 2023


Regular $3.99

Midgrade $4.29

Premium $4.59

Diesel $4.49

E85 $3.39

UNL88 $3.79

The Sheetz Experience

What sets Sheetz apart in the gas game? Beyond a simple fuel stop, Sheetz offers an experience. From touchscreen ordering to an array of snacks, the journey begins at the pump.

Pricing Strategy

Sheetz often competes fiercely on price, but how do they manage it? Explore the pricing strategies that keep Sheetz on the radar for budget-conscious drivers.

Loyalty Programs

Sheetz knows how to reward loyalty. Dive into the perks of Sheetz loyalty programs and how they play a role in the overall cost of fuel.

Sam's Club

Unleaded $2.92

Premium $3.32

Diesel $3.86

The Warehouse Fuel Advantage

Sam's Club, a haven for bulk buyers, extends its deals to the gas station. Uncover the unique advantages and considerations of fueling up at Sam's Club.

Membership Matters

How does your Sam's Club membership impact your fuel expenses? Delve into the membership intricacies and whether it's a cost-effective choice for your fueling needs.

Quality Check

Beyond the price, what about the quality of Sam's Club gas? Addressing the myths and realities of the fuel you pump at this bulk-buying giant.


Regular $3.722

Mid-Grade $4.199

Premium $4.535

Diesel $4.532

E85 $3.048

The Dual Role

AAA is synonymous with roadside assistance, but they also dip their toes into the fuel scene. Unravel the dual role AAA plays in keeping you on the road.

Member Perks

Being a AAA member comes with benefits. Explore the fuel-related perks that might make your AAA membership more valuable than you thought.

Partnered Stations

AAA often partners with specific gas stations. How does this partnership impact your fuel costs, and is it a game-changer for your wallet?


Regular $2.73

Midgrade $2.98

Premium $3.23

Diesel $3.75

The Walmart Fuel Promise

Walmart is more than a retail giant; it's a fuel haven. Understand the promises and pitfalls of fueling up at Walmart.

Price Match Strategy

Walmart is known for its price-matching prowess. How does this strategy extend to its fuel stations, and does it genuinely offer you the best bang for your buck?

Location Matters

Walmart's expansive reach also influences its fuel pricing. Uncover the regional dynamics that play a role in the cost you pay at the pump.


Regular $3.28

Premium $3.87

The Costco Fuel Equation

Costco, the king of bulk buying, extends its magic to the fuel station. Is the journey to Costco worth the gas savings?

Membership Pays Off

Much like Sam's Club, Costco's membership plays a pivotal role in fuel costs. Understand the membership nuances that impact your overall expenses.

Quality vs. Quantity

Costco offers bulk quantities, but what about the quality of their fuel? Unravel the trade-offs between quantity and quality when filling up at Costco.

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As you navigate the complex world of gas prices at Sheetz, Sam's Club, AAA, Walmart, and Costco, remember that the best choice depends on your priorities. Whether it's the experience at Sheetz, the bulk buying at Costco, or the membership perks at Sam's Club and AAA, each option caters to different needs. Consider your journey, your vehicle, and your budget before making that crucial pit stop.

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1. Is it worth joining loyalty programs at gas stations like Sheetz?

Absolutely! Loyalty programs often offer discounts, rewards, and exclusive deals that can significantly lower your fuel expenses.

2. Do Sam's Club and Costco gas quality match up to other gas stations?

Generally, yes. Warehouse club stations adhere to quality standards, ensuring the fuel you pump is on par with other providers.

3. Are there regional differences in fuel prices at Walmart?

Yes, the cost of fuel at Walmart can vary by region due to factors like local taxes and competition.

4. What are the key advantages of having AAA membership for fueling up?

AAA members can enjoy benefits such as discounts, exclusive promotions, and partnerships with specific gas stations.

5. Does Costco's bulk buying strategy genuinely save money on gas?

For frequent drivers and Costco members, the savings on bulk buying can offset the membership cost, making it a cost-effective choice.

6. What is the best way to save money on gas price and monthly bills?

The best way to save big money on gas and monthly bills is heading to our partner site, submit your bills and save big for FREE while at the same time helping a good cause.

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